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Tradeasia International, one of the emerging lead stearate suppliers in Asia, delivers top-quality lead stearate products globally. This website provides informations about what is lead stearate, its manufacturing process and uses. Get the lead stearate based on your business needs or distribute the product by partner up with us by submitting the form available below.

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Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. always had a strong bond with industrial basic chemicals and its trading. We have a strong network within the Asia Pacific, European Union, and the Middle East. Our customers are provided with not only quality products such as vegetable shortening but also extended supply management services. We also provide other qualified products of chemicals and raw materials.

Lead Stearate - Overview

Lead stearate is a chemical compound of lead. Lead is a heavy metal and stable element with the symbol Pb and the atomic number 82, existing in metallic, organic, and inorganic forms. It is mainly found in nature as the mineral galena (PbS), cerussite (PbCO3) or anglesite (PbSO4), usually in ore with zincsilver, or copper.

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